The Girl On The Train (UK)

The Girl on the TrainThe Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I picked up this book because I saw the trailer for the movie which advertised it as this year’s Gone Girl. I haven’t read Gone Girl but David Fincher’s movie was breathtaking – in terms of style and substance. So, I decided to give this book a shot.

Maybe the trailer spoiled it for me but I knew what was going on almost 40% into the book (according to my Kindle), which is kind of a bummer. I like my books, my stories, my movies, the ones with the twists in them to be completely unpredictable, and if not completely unpredictable then to atleast imbue the reader or viewer with a certain sense of disbalance and apprehension in their conviction at figuring out the storyteller’s intents. This, alas, was not the case with The Girl On The Train.

As the story moved beyond the 40% mark my conviction did not waver. It only strengthened that I had figured out the plot – which is extremely disappointing while reading a thriller. I’m sure any seasoned reader will be able to see the plot unravelling pages and chapters ahead of the actual denouement. The saving grace, in the little measure that it exists, is in the details of that unravelling – not completely unremarkable but nothing to write home about either.

It was day decently well spent but there are better thrillers out there. There are better books out there.

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