Godly Souls

“Isn’t that underplaying the situation a little bit?”

I looked at the pamphlet that had just come out of the printer. “MISSING CAT. IF FOUND IGNORE IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT LOOK AT IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.”

“It’s all caps” I said. “I think it gets the point across about urgency. I’m practically shouting at them.”

“No, honey,” my wife, Sarah, looked at me with worried eyes. “You need to put in more details. More urgency.”

“You know I can’t mention anything about the soul inside. I have a confidentiality agreement.”

“Yes. But you also don’t want people dying. Anubis had strict instructions.”

“And they won’t.”

“You’re doing it again,” Sarah said. “Ignoring my sagely advice. Remember what happened last time?”

I sulked. I didn’t want to be reminded of when I had let Aphrodite’s soul loose in a panda. “It did save the species from extinction,” I countered.

“Yes, but remember what happened after.”

I sighed. “Yes.”

“And what did we agree on?”

“That I would not ignore your advice on godly soul transmutations ever again.”

“Right! So what are we going to do now?”

“We are … ” I grumbled “… going to add more details.”

Sarah, looked at me sternly.

“… more urgency,” I completed.


I went back to computer and edited the pamphlet and pulled out another print, and handed it to her.


“Ummm … honey, I don’t see any changes.”

“I added the colour, see, black-slash-white. That’s details. And I added an exclamation point. Urgency,” I said rather pleased with myself.

I don’t even know where Sarah got the glass she chucked at me.

Never seen her swear that much either.

At least Anubis would be happy.

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