It’s been about ten years. I think. At least it seems like it’s been ten years based on how long my hair has gotten. I’m still in the void. Falling down. No end in sight. I think I’ve become rather zen. I didn’t always used to be. I’d been trying meditation for years before I’d met her for the first time, Bilquis. And I’d always sucked at it. Too impatient. Ten years is a lot of time for practicing meditation and getting good at it. I think I got good at it by year five. First two years, I was fairly pissed, to be honest. That’s when I could still remember what the outside felt like. I have almost forgotten what not falling feels like now though. What life out side of this void used to be. Could’ve been. If only I’d never met Bilquis. But those eyes.¬†Sigh¬†They’d been out of this world. Enticing, entrancing, enchanting. Beckoning me to get lost them in them. And I did. I fell into the windows of her soul and her soul was dark and empty. And I was pulled in. And I’m now good at meditation. Ten years. C’est la vie and all that.

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