About Me

Ten years ago, I used to describe myself as a speedreading bibliophile, chipmunking movie junkie and a lover of stories in all shapes, sizes and styles of narration. While many things have changed in the last ten years, the core of that personality hasn’t. I continue to read different genres of books and to annoy my cinephile friends by watching movies at 1.5x (fight me!)

But now, I also have a more, structured philosophy of life that tries to synergize all of my current interests (business strategy, data science, language learning, storytelling, myths & culture, open-source/copyleft) into a couple of projects:

  • Re-discovering India: After moving to the Netherlands, as with most NRIs, I’ve become increasingly fascninated by the culture I left behind. This is my attempt to learn more about it. Check out the Youtube channel here.
  • SFF stories: I write and animate short science-fiction / fantasy stories in the same overarching world in which I write my magnum opus. How’s it going? Swimmingly. (I don’t swim.) You can sign up to be a beta-reader for that 10-book series here.
  • The Polyglot Pingvin: This is my attempt at starting a digital business that brings together my love for learning languages, interest in etymology and linguistics and my education & work-experience in business strategy. Check out the website here.

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