Here’s How To Be Well

Physical: Move Your Body and Don’t Eat Crap—but Don’t Diet Either

Emotional: Don’t Hide Your Feelings, Get Help When You Need It

Social: It’s Not All About Productivity; Relationships Matter, Too

Cognitive: Follow Your Interests, Do Deep-Focused Work

Spiritual: Cultivate Purpose, Be Open to Awe

Environmental: Care for Your Space

Source: Brad Stulberg, We’ve Reached Peak Wellness. Most of It Is Nonsense

The above is a good succinct article that very much aligns with my current philosophies, except for a few extra thoughts:

  • Physical: Have a body goal (weight, size, fat-%) and work towards it through planned nutrition
  • Emotional: If you’re struggling with asking for help, “Feeling Good” is a book I highly recommend picking up to help you begin your journey towards emotional/mental well-being
  • Social: I’d probably put relationships over productivity
  • Cognitive: EXACTLY!! This is what I am now trying to do. Massive immediate improvement in “quality of life”. Let’s see if it’s sustainable though.
  • Environmental: As the author points out in his original article, both micro and macro. Micro, in that, set up your immediate environment to promote good habits or default moods. Macro, in that, try to leave the place a little better than you found it.

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