My Twilight Story

I am sorry to say,

On this ill-fated day,

You must read with dismay,

About a girl – Bella – say.


She was born on twenty-four,

With as many or maybe more,

Qualities that devils adore,

Making her rotten to the core.


Bella, as a child, wanted that,

This, a puppy, a doll, a cat,

Dresses, shoes and a hat,

Acting like a complete brat.


But through her deceit,

She charmed everyone she’d meet.

With fake respect, them she’d treat.

Naturally, people thought her sweet.


This story is about Bella’s lies,

About how she met her demise,

And as you read, take my advice,

Remember, no good comes of vice.


A major role in her life to play,

Entered two guys: Jacob and Edward, say.

Edward took her heart away,

While talking to Jacob made her day.


One day, to Bella, Jacob spoke,

I don’t like that Edward bloke.

I don’t like how you two yoke,

So let him go or our friendship is broke.


Bella with her evil cunning,

Assured Jacob of the thing,

While still going with Edward on flings,

To both of them, deceitfully she clinged.


Realizing this, to Bella, Jacob spake,

I knew your promise was fake,

And now regretfully I have to take

This decision: our friendship to break.


‘I want you both in my life’,

She pleaded with sincerity rife.

‘I am sorry about our strife,

Your lies cut me deeper than a knife.’


And saying so, away Jacob went,

Bella, from his mind, away he sent,

Away he moved, and happily spent,

His life, satisfied and ardent.


A year later, Jacob came to know,

Bella and Edward had had a row,

After which, from her life, Edward made to go,

Leaving Bella feeling low.


For months about this, she had cried,

And then to stop her misery she had tried,

Had taken a blade, and let it slide,

And that is how, Bella died.

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