I’ll Stand-By You

You are the reason I can bear

My day without feeling any panic.

Cus’ when I reach home, you’ll be there,

Waiting for me looking chic.


You are my life, I happily admit

As I see your face glow bright,

And with you on my lap as I sit,

I feel perfectly, absolutely alright.


After the day has taken its toll,

You listen and help me retrospect,

As I pour out all of my soul

To you: the best listener one can expect,

And that’s why I lavish you,

With any accessory you may desire,

So that you, like me, may know too

That of loving you I can never tire.

And so, my dear and precious laptop,

To you I make this solemn vow,

My caring for you will never stop,

And if ever you’re feeling heated or low,

Just remember, I’ll stand-by you.

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