It was one of those coincidences you read about in books and see in movies. I was seated in the bus, earphones in and ignoring everyone else – as is the norm, as is the polite way. The song playing was Superheroes by The Script – not that it’s important. No one on the bus is actually listening to their songs. It’s just a facade. There aren’t even other people on the bus, really.

The bus pulled up to my stop and I got off at Place de Gaulle in the French town that I was visiting for an exchange, which was being decorated for the Christmas Market that was to start tomorrow. That’s when the song changed on my iPod. And that’s when I saw her across the street. The girl that I had a massive crush on while I was on my exchange in France.

Hall & Oates started singing “You Make My Dreams Come True” in my ear, the girl across the street took my breath away and my mind just flashed Joseph-Gordon Levitt’s entire dance sequence from 500 Days and all I wanted to dance along with him. I think I did. I vaguely remember the feeling of having done so. I can’t remember exactly. I probably didn’t, though. I am not a weirdo. I just waited for the light to change and crossed the street, passed her by, said ‘Bonjour’ and moved on. I was never going to think of her again. I was never going to meet her again.

Except, I did. Before I knew it, I was in the Christmas Market. The song playing on my iPod was Enrique’s Heroe and there she was again in front of me. I decided I was going to talk to her. I started walking towards her, took my earphones out and kept bobbing my head to Enrique’s words which were having an oddly encouraging effect on me. I don’t really do things like this in normal life. Enrique seemed to agree.

And that’s when it struck me that something was odd. I had returned back to India from my exchange almost a month ago. I wasn’t supposed to be in France anymore. Music wasn’t supposed to be playing in the background. It wasn’t supposed to be Christmas anymore.

I stopped in my tracks, and I counted my fingers. I definitely had ten of them. That was a bit unsettling. So, I put my right hand index finger against my left palm and pushed. It seemed solid enough. I started to panic a bit, but I tried one last thing. I pinched my nose and took one long deep breath. And another. And another. I smiled. I wasn’t panicking anymore. I had realised what was going on. After almost a month of hits and misses, I had finally some control over my dream. I was finally lucid dreaming.

Now, it was time to see how far I could take this. This was as true as a dream was ever going to get. I looked up at the girl, bobbed my head to the music and walked towards her.


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