The Moment

He obviously didn’t know this yet, but his entire life had been building up to this point. All the scrapes and kisses and cuts and misses had been silently preparing him for this, in a way, brainwashing him for this. This wasn’t one of those Fate moments. There were no old women, strings in hand, playing puppet with his life, or a shepherd guiding his path, or the Universe returning a karmic favour. It was just the inevitable interplay, over eons, of nature and nurture and of ingrained and learnt biases and of inexplicable yet completely logical instincts. Something deep within the atavistic recesses of his mind had sparked to life in this moment. This spark would light him up more than starlight tricked into a lamp ever could – the true effects of which he would not realise for several years to come and yet would reap him immense joy and sadness and exhilaration and frustration – sometimes all at once, drowning his mind in a frenzied whirlpool of exhausting and uplifting emotions – and he would not even once think of stopping himself from drowning, from falling.

He obviously didn’t know this yet, but his brain had already made immutable synaptic connections between the smell that lingered in the air, between the sound that whispered past his ear in its melodic gallivanting manner, between the drum like thumping in his chest that he was sure should be shaking the world, between the beauty his eyes tried to stray past but never could – between all of that and this moment in time. This one moment in time. This one second when everything for him changed – when the entire world changed from being of a vastly unimaginable size to being able to fit in his arms.

He obviously didn’t know this yet, but he had just fallen in love.

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