The Blue Thing On The Floor

“Do you know what this is?” Keanu said as he poked at the blue thing lying on the floor.

“Of course,” said Mrs. Fluffles as she licked her paw uninterested in the blue thing lying on the floor.


“It’s their fur.”

“But they have fur.”


“Are you sure you know what it is?”

“Of course, I’m sure,” said Mrs. Fluffles. “I have lived in this house for 4 years.”

“And this is their fur?”

“Why else do you think they keep shedding it?”

“Ummm. I don’t know. But they change it.”

“Yes. Like a snake, or chameleon. Or cockroach. Only bigger.”

“They are big, aren’t they?”


“But I still don’t understand this thing,” Keanu said as he pushed his paw against the blue thing on the floor. His claws came out and it stuck in the blue thing on the floor. He scratched at it. “It feels nice.”

“That’s what human fur is for.”

“For us? That doesn’t sound right. Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?”

Mrs. Fluffles stopped licking her paws and grooming her whiskers and looked up at Keanu. He was such a dummy. Younglings were often like that. It had been only a couple of days since Matilda had brought him home. He would learn. “Yes, I am sure I know what I am talking about. That’s why they leave it on the floor and not on the high things where we aren’t allowed. So that you can groom your claws.”

Keanu scratched tentatively on the jeans on the floor. It did feel nice. And Mrs. Fluffles did say that’s what it’s for. And he did really really need to scratch it. So, he did.

Mrs. Fluffles looked smugly at Keanu. She could just imagine Matilda’s reaction. Yes, he would learn. “Come, Keanu. That’s enough. Come drink some milk with me.”

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