Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

After years of waiting and speculation, J. K. Rowling did finally find a way to renege on her statement of no more HP books and keep her promise at the same time. By not writing a book but rather a play – The Cursed Child which only plays in London and is already pre-booked for an entire year.

The story for me, and there are spoilers ahead, was entirely ludicrous. If not for the fact that this was another canonical peek into the HP universe, I would have completely trashed this book / play – something which I am going to do anyway.

My primary complaint is that the play reads more like a sci-fi than fantasy/magic. The middle of the book reads more like a Doctor Who screenplay than a Harry Potter short story, a badly written Back To The Future fanfic.

And then there’s the insane amounts of stretching of suspension disbelief. For example, given that they couldn’t have been entirely insulated from the events of the past Albus decides to befriend Scorpius without any reason. He’s put into Slytherin for no reason except that it serves the plot – even though we know that he wanted to get into Gryffindor and the Sorting Hat listens to you.

And a lot of outrage has been spent on the internet for the abominable name that is Panju. Although this personally didn’t affect me that much.

Overall, you’re better off reading a fanfic series – something like NoahPhantom, or Methods of Rationality etc.

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