Reddit Novel: Chapter 1

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  • Reddit Novel: Chapter 1

Anna felt as if her nerves had turned to ice, that her mind had cooled down all the way to zero until every single thought had crystallized and fallen with a soft thud in her mind. There was no more chaos.

She could feel every breath leaving her body taking with it an essence of her, lost forever, until it rushed back in with the essence of all the others out there. Her breaths were so slow that each inhale was in itself a spiritual experience.

Time had slowed down and she could see herself blink, the darkness prolonging for eons before her eyes flew back open, keeping her mark within her sights. She loved this feeling of complete calm that always washed over her before a kill.

The mark walked around the corner of the building whose terrace Anna was perched on. They were all in place now. The large man with the open laces. The homeless woman with her trolley. And the businessman with his speeding car talking on his phone rushing towards this street.

It was time.

Anna held out a small, smooth, glazed marble away from her, over the parapet of the terrace and let go. The marble dropped past the windows, unencumbered as Anna knew it would be, and fell right into the collar of the large man walking a few paces behind the homeless woman. The large man felt the discomfort come out of nowhere, thought it was a crink of the neck and tried to crack his neck as he kept on walking. With his eyes closed and moving head, he lost his balance and tripped over his open laces, falling straight into the homeless woman walking front of him.

Startled, the homeless woman rushed forward while also turning her head around to keep an eye on her assailant who kept falling into her. Her trolley had wobbly wheels and it was difficult enough to keep it under control normally. With the weight of this large man threatening to crush her under it, the trolley let loose from her fingers, gained momentum from the pushing and rushing and swerved out ahead of her knocking the mark down and into the street. It happened in less than a blink of an eye.

The businessman, driving his sports car distracted by his call slammed into the mark and suffered no loss in momentum until the businessman came to a screeching halt. His knuckles gripping the steering wheel so tight that the veins in his arms started popping. But it was too late. And the mark was dead.

Anna smiled. She loved it when a plan fell into place. She could not have asked for a sweeter gift from the Universe on her birthday. She turned around and walked down the stairs into the street, towards her mark. to make sure he was truly dead. She was nothing if not a professional.

There were people around the body, screaming to it, prodding it. Someone behind her was talking into a phone.

“Is he breathing?” she asked.

“No. He’s a gonner …”

“Damn shame,” Anna said quietly and moved forward to look at her mark. His eyes are what caught her gaze first. They were intense blue eyes, speckled with some brown. They had once burnt with a fierce vivacity and now they looked out into the void lifeless. She had seen those eyes before. She looked at the face of her mark.

‘Fuck,’ Anna thought.

The cause of death had been different but there was no denying it. It was the same square, clean-shaven strong jaw, the same streaks of white in his hair at the temples that made him looked wizened. It was the same lifeless face had looked back at her yesterday.

Something was wrong. Something was horribly wrong.

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