Dutch Etymology

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Sexy Ants and Nitpicking

An ant in Dutch is mier. Ants are mieren. If you’re super poor, je bent zo arms als de mieren (you are as poor as the ants). Maybe you were so poor, that you didn’t have any food. And now je bent bij de mieren (dead, dood; with the ants). But don’t fret. If je wordt zo ijverig (diligent; industrious) als...

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Het is altijd rouwen en trouwen

In this post, we explore the roots and derived words behind rouwen (misery) and trouwen (marriage) before finally concluding that life is full of ups and downs.

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Freedom and Fridays (#1.3)

In this chapter, we explore the Dutch root for 'free', vrij and related words. Then we look into what the days of the week are and they came to be!

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English Etymology

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