Horses & Humans

A Fetish With The Earth And The Humans

The Brick

Anshi drunkenly hits on Sandy

Misinterpreted Music – 23rd Century Essays

[ … ] Much like the people of the 10th century in Ancient Egypt worshipped the…


Anvi confronts the "Old Boys' Network" on the basketball court, but can she prevail?

The Rains

Rain, Coffee & Love

The World Had Become A Funny Place

Waiting at the Rations Office awaiting my turn to be happy

Promises Better Kept Broken

Divya struggles to understand the meaning of the sudden appearance of a zombie in her bedroom.


I thought about You a lot, I finally realised You are not.   Not what You…

My Imaginary Dream

A story written inspired by the writing style of Douglas Adams for the KDAV School Magazine,…